Contact AMS

If you have a idea, question or concern which the AMS Staff can help resolve, send them emails at the addresses below

Principal: Sean McElhaney
Assistant Principals
AP 6th – Ms. Karla Steinbach
AP 7th – Ms. Charlette Manbeck
AP 8th – Jason Campion
Guidance Counselors
6th Grade Guidance – Emilia Gonzalez
7th Grade Guidance – Raneeka Doharty
8th Grade Guidance – Ms. Jennifer Gross
School Phone:        410-267-8658
 School Web Site:  AMS Website
 Lunch Menu: 
[su_highlight background=”#d2aee2″]When coming to AMS, please present photo ID at the front door to access the building. Please keep ID in hand and proceed directly to the main office upon entry. Please do not hold the door for anyone. Let’s keep our students safe![/su_highlight]